Red Jacket Orchards Tart Cherry Stomp

Tart Cherries Are Back

After an annual hiatus, our tart cherries are back on the trees and better than ever at Red Jacket Orchards. These fresh, juicy, rich fruits are the heart and soul of our Tart Cherry Stomp nectars. Don’t worry – even though tart cherry season is brief, we use these amazing little red gems to make our […]
12oz Stomp Group

New Flavor. Same Great Stomp.

The Red Jacket Orchards team is excited to announce the addition of a brand new flavor to our line of artisanal nectar Stomp line. Blackcurrants and blueberries have smashed together to make the newly released Black-N-Blue Stomp cold pressed juice. It’s a delicious blend of these antioxidant packed fruits that preserves their natural functionality. In […]

Food Network’s Top 50 Products

The Food Network published the top 50 grocery store products that chefs from across the country cannot live without. Whenever these chefs go out to do their personal grocery shopping, you can bet these items are on their list! Chef Luke Venner from BLT Fish in New York City, makes sure he always has Red […]

USA Today’s Holiday Round Up

Looking for some inspiration for what to serve your friends and family to make this holiday season tasty and memorable? USA Today’s ‘Holiday Round Up’ lists favorite holiday desserts from around the world, and they found some refreshing libations to pair with these tasty treats! On the cocktail menu, Dave Mandery’s Red-Red Rye cocktail, created […]

The Red-Red Rye Cocktail

This holiday season Edible Manhattan launched a competition to find New York City’s best whiskey based and seasonally inspired cocktail. Bartenders from around Manhattan were challenged to go out into the city and find ingredients from local markets that evoked the holiday spirit, and that taste great too! After taking a stroll through the Greenmarkets […]