It’s Cider Season

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The color of the leaves has changed, pumpkins are carved, and all that’s left to do is drink some cider. Your favorite Red Jacket ciders are back along with some new flavors and a new look. Like our other juices, our ciders are cold pressed and made with apples right from our farm.

Our All-natural and Spiced ciders are back this season, but with a brand new look to highlight the simplicity of the cider. New this year are our Honeycrisp and Heirloom ciders. The vibrant flavor of the Honeycrisp cider tastes just like biting into a fresh Honeycrisp apple. The Heirloom blend is available in limited quantities and features a blend of Heirloom apples, hand-picked from our orchard.

Check our map for a store near you, online, or in our farm store.