Red Jacket, Real People: Cairon

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Cairon became a part of the RJO family over 10 years ago as a delivery driver and currently oversees our participation in the NYC Green Markets. Read through Cairon’s thoughts on his 10+ years at RJO and be sure to say hi to him at the NYC Greenmarkets if you see him.

“I decided to make Red Jacket my career home because I felt comfortable from the moment I came on as a delivery driver. And as I continued to grow and my roles evolved with Red Jacket over the years, it felt even more like this is the place I wanted to be for as long possible. I like the people I work for and the people I work with.

I think the most exciting part about working for Red Jacket are the fruits. I’m still amazed at the amount of varieties there are with each fruit. I especially love the cherries, they’re my favorite product at Red Jacket and I look forward to cherry season every year.

Each morning I look forward to getting our product out to markets, managing the daily sales, hoping for good weather days, and the big and small things I can and can’t control adds to my daily challenges and excitement. Being outdoors at the greenmarkets can be fun, especially in the spring and fall, and you get to meet diverse and interesting people.

When I’m not working I like watching and attending sporting events, walking to help me clear my head and focus, and writing poetry.

To me, the future of Red Jacket looks very promising. I see continued growth as the juices and ciders are amazing and our fresh, locally grown fruits are a hit at the markets.”

What is Red Jacket, Real People? 

We’re proud to be a family business and we look at each employee as a member of that family regardless of who they’re related to. The people that make up Red Jacket Orchards are the true drivers of the business and without them, we don’t know where we’d be. We’re excited to highlight some of our employees in an ongoing series called Red Jacket, Real People where we’ll feature quotes and content from our employees to allow you to get an inside look at our Red Jacket Orchards family.

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