SenecaCrisp Round Black

SenecaCrisp™ Apples Delivered to NYC Greenmarkets

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The SenecaCrisp™ apple is a collaboration of the 3rd generation of the Nicholson Family. For a decade, at each harvest, Brian and Mark Nicholson found themselves focusing on a particular strain that was rich in flavor with a texture similar to that of the famed Honey Crisp. This unique variety had failed commercial introduction but had a impressive lineage, born in the Finger Lakes, parenting the Honeycrisp, and now growing amazingly well along the slopes of Seneca Lake. Upon further research, it was found that this apple had originated from the Northern Spy, which itself originated just 20 miles from Red Jacket Orchards, and was a star variety more than 100 years ago.

Red Jacket Orchards is the exclusive grower of the SenecaCrisp™, an apple that can rival the Honeycrisp, and bring well-deserved attention to a truly native NY Apple which is why we’re proud to share it with NYC and the Greenmarkets. Stop by and try one of these unique apples before they’re gone for the season.