The Red-Red Rye Cocktail

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This holiday season Edible Manhattan launched a competition to find New York City’s best whiskey based and seasonally inspired cocktail. Bartenders from around Manhattan were challenged to go out into the city and find ingredients from local markets that evoked the holiday spirit, and that taste great too! After taking a stroll through the Greenmarkets of New York City, Dave quickly found the inspiration for his cocktail. Dave Mandery of Blue Smoke, Flatiron NYC, created the Red-Red Rye cocktail using Red Jacket Orchards Cold Pressed Cranberry Juice, George Dickel rye Whiskey, Aquavit, lemon juice, and egg white. Whipped together, Dave has created the essence of what home for the holidays truly tastes like! This cozy cocktail is a deep red color, every sip is soft as velvet, and it tastes right at home.


Watch Dave stir up the Red-Red Rye and follow along to make this delicious cocktail for your family and friends this holiday season!

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