We are a Big-Flavor Juice Made in Small, Craft Batches

More than 50 years ago we started cold pressing juice by the traditional “rack and cloth” method. It’s as close as you can get to eating whole fruit, and we plan to keep it that way. We are bringing a premium, small batch juice to every home in the country.


Our signature blends are cold pressed, unfiltered, and all natural with NO ADDED SUGAR OR WATER. A fresh juice that genuinely tastes like the fruit from which it comes, each blend contains a nutrient punch of soluble fiber and 50% more antioxidants than clear juice.


Apple cider has been a staple for Red Jacket Orchards, since the inception of our farm in 1958. We’ve created a unique blend that delivers a rich and nostalgic apple flavor. And just like our other juices, we keep things pure, fresh and delicious; our cider is cold pressed and unfiltered, making it as close to eating whole fruit as you can get!


Our Dad, Joe, does things his own "special" way, and likes things tart. We've created a refreshing set of blends that incorporates the unparalleled refreshment of lemons, but just as you've come to expect we don't add sugar to any of our cold pressed unfiltered juices. To achieve the perfect level of sweetness, we only add the NY State Apple.


Fresh Fruit Nectars - Red Jacket Stomps use only hand-selected summer fruits and NY State Apples to create a rich and full-bodied nectar. And true to the Red Jacket tradition, there is NO ADDED SUGAR OR WATER.

We are a Family Farm and We Answer to Families


Fads dominate the “functional” juice market, where there is a growing focus on the “self”. Healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be an isolated experience of “detoxing and juice fasting”. Our unfiltered juices pack a nutrient punch of antioxidants and soluble fiber, but more importantly, they’re a delicious and healthy addition to every family’s table. We want wellness to be a celebration, not a chore.

Less is More in Packaged Nutrition


Ingredient labels are often long and riddled with hard-to-pronounce additives. We take the guess work out of understanding what goes into our juice. We’re found in the produce department, where the food speaks for itself. Our ingredient list is short and simple, and we like it that way.