Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts for Red Jacket Orchards Juice

*all of our juices are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union 

Apple Cider: 12oz, 32oz, 64oz

Apricot Stomp: 12oz, 32oz

Black-N-Blue Stomp: 12oz32oz

Blackcurrant: 12oz, 32oz

Cranberry: 12oz, 32oz 

Fuji: 12oz. 32oz, 64oz

Grape: 12oz, 32oz 

Honeycrisp: 64oz

Joe's Clean Half & Half: 12oz, 32oz

Joe's NY Style Lemonade: 12oz, 32oz 

Raspberry: 12oz, 32oz

Spiced Cider 32oz, 64oz

Strawberry 12oz, 32oz

Tart Cherry 12oz, 32oz

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