NYC Greenmarket


Union Square (8am-6pm)- Year-Round



Bronx Borough Hall (8am-4pm) - 6/2/2015- 11/24/2015

Brooklyn Borough Hall (8am-6pm) - Year-Round

Fort Washington (8am-4pm) - 6/2/2015-11/24/2015

125th Street Market (10am-5pm) - 6/9/2015-11/24/2015



New York Botanical Gardens (9am-3pm) 6/17/2015-11/25/2015

Union Square (8am-6pm) 6/3/2015- 11/25/2015



Bowling Green (8am-5pm) - Year-Round

East Harlem- 7/9/2015



West 97th Street (8am-2pm) - Year-Round

Union Square (8am-6pm) - 6/5/2015- 11/20/2015

Lincoln Hospital (8am-5pm) - 6/26/2015- 11/20/2015

Harlem Hospital (8am- 5pm) - 6/5/2015- 11/20/2015



Abingdon Square (8am-2pm) - Year-Round

McCarren Park (8am-3pm) - Year-Round

Fort Greene Park (8am-4pm) - Year-Round 

Union Square (8am-6pm) - 6/6/2015- 10/31/2015

Marcus Garvey Park (8am-5pm) - 11/21/2015

Socrates Sculpture Park (8am-5pm) - 6/6/2015 - 11/21/2015



Forest Hills (8am-3pm) - Year-Round

Cortelyou Rd. (8am-4pm) - Year-Round

Tompkins Square (9am-6pm) - Year-Round

79th Street - (8am-5pm) - 6/7/2015- 11/22/2015

Jackson Heights (8am-5pm) - 6/7/2015- 11/22/2015

Riverdale Y (8am-5pm) - 6/7/2015

On occasion, Red Jacket Orchards may not be able to attend certain markets. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For even more details about these markets, please visit the market schedule calendar on our Facebook page.


Starting with our roadside stand in 1958, Red Jacket Orchards has always sold direct to the consumer, a relationship we value highly because it provides us with instant and honest consumer feedback. Today we've taken direct marketing to its ultimate level by participating in NY City Greenmarkets.

The Council on the Environment sponsored markets allow us the chance to connect directly with many New York communities that otherwise would not have access to fresh, quality, local produce. These daily interactions also help build mutually rewarding relationships as we grow together.

Red Jacket Orchards participates in Greenmarket year round, bringing our farm fresh summer fruits, apples, and freshly-pressed 100% fruit juices and ciders to the city in better condition than can be found in any local store. Additionally, direct to the consumer sales strengthen this country's agricultural base by providing producers with more share of the final sale, rather than countless middlemen and retailers.

We recognize the importance dedicated consumers like those we meet daily in Greenmarket play in helping to make our family business a success. We are especially grateful for our dedicated customers who seek us out regularly during their hectic day. We proudly serve all five boroughs of The Big Apple and appreciate the benefits that open-air, European style farmers' markets create in the urban fabric. We owe much thanks to New York City Greenmarkets which were developed by city planners and have continued to prosper throughout the five boroughs ever since their introduction in the 1970's. We are also very pleased to be a part of the recent planning progressions across the East River supporting the Williamsburg and Greenpoint sections of Brooklyn. We consider this area our home in the city and it is where we opened our first distribution outlet in 1998. We have since outgrown the Hope St. facility and now are located in a larger building in Greenpoint.

We look forward to continuing to serve the urban communities of New York City and appreciate the patronage of our many loyal customers over the years. Please check our market schedule above to see where and when you can find us, and drop by for some of the best tasting farm-fresh products you can find in the city.

The Nicholsons

Council on the Environment of New York City

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
Elements of IPM (pdf)

For more information about Red Jacket Orchards' Greenmarket operations contact:

FMD Manager: Aaron Wilson

Tel: 646-201-2171



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