Sustainability at Red Jacket Orchards

As an extension of our base IPM commitment, RJO has established several acres of transitional organic orchards and hopes to dramatically increase organic production over the next few years.

RJO’s proprietary organic production methods combine traditional and cutting-edge production techniques, including holistic & biodynamic practices.

In 2006, RJO installed nearly two acres of high-tech high tunnels, which provide an advantageous environment for tender crops. RJO is one of very few orchards in the eastern United States that grow tree fruit in this way, and is exploring similar approaches for different crops.

Orchard Infrastructure

Located on the shores of Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY, RJO’s juice building is LEED certified and partially dependent on wind energy.

RJO grows over 500 acres of tree fruit, including over 300 acres of apples and nearly 250 acres of apricots, sweet cherries, plums, strawberries and many more delicious fruits!

Weeds, Fertility & Native Pollinators

By delicately managing soil fertility, RJO avoids excessive weed growth and maintains the balance of the orchard’s ecosystem. RJO’s fertility practices increasingly rely on natural fertility and organic-based inputs, such as seaweed-based foliar materials.

RJO cooperates with its beekeepers to minimize threats to honeybee and local native pollinator populations. In 2012, RJO installed bee boxes around its orchards; these bee boxes will help attract & establish populations of native pollinators to augment the activities of traditional honeybees.