Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB)

October 16, 2015

Red Jacket Orchards has teamed up with GrowNYC to end the use of plastic bags in New York City’s Greenmarkets. Every year the Department of Sanitation collects over 3 million pounds of trash including more than 10 billion single-use plastic bags. Starting October 16, 2015, Grow NYC, Red Jacket and other participating Greenmarket producers will be selling reusable produce bags in an effort to completely eliminate the need for plastic.   Since our inception in 1958, Red Jacket has been “walking the walk” when it comes to sustainability. The “Pass on Plastic” initiative reflects Red Jacket’s own mission by creating less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. When you bring your reusable produce bag to farmers markets, or wherever you shop, it eliminates the need for vendors to supply wasteful plastic “Thank You” bags (you know the ones) that ultimately clog up our landfills. Red Jacket is proud to support “Pass on Plastic”, and we will be offering our own mesh produce bags at every market in New York City.   Participating in the “Pass on Plastic” initiative is simple: bring your reusable bag to the market, fill it up, take it home, enjoy your produce and repeat! Every time you shop with your reusable bag you directly impact the effort to reduce waste going into landfills. Say goodbye to plastic bags.   Our mesh produce bags are made from 100% recycled materials and are machine washable – a most practical solution that makes you feel even better about joining the fight against disposable bags! And they’re cute too! We kept our design simple and clean. Look for the white bag with the Red Jacket logo, fill it to the brim with vibrant berries, stone fruits, and apples, and let the fruits speak for themselves! Look for these in your local market and partner with us to protect the environment!   For more information and to see other “farms in the fight”, check out:


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