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Red Jacket juice tastes like you're sucking juice out of the fruit itself. Strawberry and grape are among the best things I've ever tasted.

Tessa F.

The first time I tried Red Jacket Orchards juice was at a Joe Coffee in 2016. I had moved from Los Angeles for work, and was really missing fresh fruit. I got a bottle of the Apricot Stomp (stone fruits are my favorite). My mind was blown away by how fresh and juicy it was. It had honestly been a decade since I’d tasted apricots that good. From then on Red Jacket Orchards became my go-to juice. Though I’ve tried all the flavors at this point, I still go back to the apricot, except in the fall/winter, when I choose the apple cider. It seems silly, but drinking a glass of Red Jacket Orchards juice brings me such joy. I even had a box of different juices shipped to my parents in LA for Christmas one year because I wanted them to experience that joy. Thank you for creating these incredible products.

Jana M.

Best juice ever, must try it!

DeeDee O.

My husband and I LOVE your juice. We found it while visiting a store in Chicago and, although it’s hard to find close to home, we get a cooler bag and buy as much as we can when we see it ❤️ The taste is wonderful! I tell all my friends and family about Red Jacket Orchards every chance I get!

Jessica D. H.

Best apple juice on the planet! Thanks Red Jacket Orchards for putting out such superior products and H-E-B for making them available in my little corner of Texas!

Make sure to try all of their varieties. All are like biting into a fresh picked piece of fruit. 🍎🍓🍏

Julie R.

I love the raspberry juice so much since I got to visit the store and factory with Camp Seneca Lake 2016


Especially enjoy the cranberry apple juice. So tasty!


My kiddos LOVE Red Jacket juices above all others! They each have their favorite flavors and Mama loves the short ingredient list! It's a win win!


We recently received a food donation for first responders at the 911 Emergency Medical Dispatch Center for the city of New York and it was accompanied with your Fuji apple juice as beverage with meal. Your juice is the best that I’ve ever had. Bravo!

Lt. William Cahill

FDNY EMS Bureau of Communications

We love how fresh and refreshing your juices are! Our first taste was on a hot July day after racing the Musselman Triathlon and we’ve been hooked ever since! Luckily our local Wegmans carries your juice because we don’t live nearby!

Aroline S. H.

Red Jacket Apricot Stomp is one of a kind and truly divine 😍 I have found nothing else like it. We miss going to the farm store since we recently moved from Upstate NY, but I’m so glad I can still get it by other means in NJ!

Erin P.

💯 high quality with a very small ingredient list!!🙌🏻

Anna C.

I LOVE Red Jacket — since you first started selling at the Union Square Farmers Market. I was working in events & my office was nearby. Every Wednesday, I would leave on my lunch break, just to get a Fuji apple juice and harness the peace in the world. It was only 15 minutes, but it was the moment I needed to get through my day and sit in the sun. It was a moment of reprieve from the NYC Events Grind.


The Fuji apple juice is unbelievably delicious and fresh and crisp and the best juice I have EVER had in my whole LIFE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ (The strawberry juice is a very close second 🏆🍓)


We have supported and sold Red Jacket pure juice since we opened. The best, premium quality pure juice that we could feel good about serving to our customers!

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

Their support of the community! (Thanks again for your continued support of the #CACFL)

Child Advocacy Center of the Finger Lakes

The juice tastes fresh and makes me feel awesome!

Shermika A.

The fresh, crisp taste! I went to college in Rochester and loved getting the honeycrisp cider at Wegmans! I miss both!

Morgan K.

Grew up drinking it! Nothing fresher and nothing makes me feel healthier.

Sean S.

I just discovered your juice in Shipshewana, Indiana. I am hooked on the raspberry. Hoping I can find it close to home in Michigan. Thank you!

Kathleen B.

I love Red Jacket because I am deathly allergic to raw apples & the Fuji apple juice is the closest I’ll ever get to taste an apple ever again. Thank you for making such an amazing product.


Your juice tastes like real fruit and not sugar. I’m incredibly sensitive to added sugar in foods and I never have to worry with your products. They’re delicious and I’m grateful they can be shipped to my door :) Loved when you guys had a stand at the USQ farmers market.


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