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Celebrating 65 Years of Growth and Innovation - Our focus

The year 2023 marks another milestone in the history and growth of our family business. Since the day my grandparents moved from Bethpage, Long Island, purchasing the 100-acre orchard and retail stand, the Nicholson family has been tending the land and evolving the business far beyond our home of Geneva.  

Each generation has had a unique and lasting impact on the business, lending strength and longevity. My grandparents had to learn how to grow fruit in the challenging climate of upstate and expand the retail operation. My father focused on orchard and product innovations, launching renowned items, including apricots, plums, and Fuji apple juice. Each step of the journey has required the family to make critical, often tough, decisions.

Most importantly, we had to recognize what the market demanded and would reward our efforts. Investments that take decades require this focus. 

Today, as a member of the 3rd generation, I am pleased to share with the community that we continue to grow, expand, and flourish as a business deeply rooted and committed to our beloved land and home in Geneva. Over the most recent 20 years, the business has grown 8X in size. It has grown and sold distribution in NY city, putting a mark on the map for our products (and Geneva) in the Green Markets as well. And when it was time, we evolved away from these ventures to focus investments elsewhere. 

With a shift to fresh beverages in the past decade, the company has again been rewarded with continued demand, awards, and accolades. This has been especially true through the most challenging recent years of COVID. We had to shift our priorities and investments to meet the demand. This focus allowed us to provide the best-in-market service, generating over 60% growth in just three years.

Along with this growth comes a time to reflect and ask, “What is our primary focus, and what should we do differently?” After great review, soul searching, and discussions, we realize that it is time for us to exit the local retail market. Our farm store, fastidiously tended to by my grandmother and then by dedicated staff members, will not re-open as originally intended.

Red Jacket is the company it is today with our rich history and journey in retail. To our many loyal, dedicated, passionate customers, we say THANK YOU. You have informed, rewarded, cajoled us, and shared your humor and connections.

Today, our products can be found from Maine to Miami and in our local partners closer to home, including Wegmans (under the WB label), Tops, and other independent retailers and food establishments. Our online sales platform can deliver products anywhere in the country. You can access these and our store locator on our website. We thank you for your continued support.

We will move forward with the same dedication to our community and continue our mission to inspire purposeful, healthy choices through delicious and nutritious foods. We will re-purpose the retail location by seeking a business to lease out and add even more value to the community.

Most importantly, I’d like to recognize our team of dedicated local staff members who work so hard to craft the products you enjoy every day. I’d especially like to thank Natalie Baris and her team for their many hours and dedication. Our people are the special ingredients that drive our collective success.

I am proud of our legacy, thankful for our community, and optimistic about the contributions we can make to our home through the hard work and success we will drive. To the next 65 years!


Brian Nicholson
And the Nicholson Family


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