Red Jacket, Real People: Natalie

Red Jacket, Real People: Natalie

August 03, 2016

Natalie We're thrilled to feature Natalie, a member of our farm store team, who is excited to share her love of all things RJO with people visiting the farm store.

"I’ve always enjoyed RJO products, and I love the excitement and buzz with the whole fresh, local food movement happing in America. I love being part of such a fantastic, unique product special to the Finger Lakes."

"Outside of work I love cooking, gardening, farming, visiting farmers markets….and trying all the new wonderful breweries!"

What is Red Jacket, Real People?  We're proud to be a family business and we look at each employee as a member of that family regardless of who they're related to. The people that make up Red Jacket Orchards are the true drivers of the business and without them, we don't know where we'd be. We're excited to highlight some of our employees in an ongoing series called Red Jacket, Real People where we'll feature quotes and content from our employees to allow you to get an inside look at our Red Jacket Orchards family. Follow along using #RedJacketRealPeople to see profiles and quotes from our employees in the coming months.