Tart Cherries Are Back

Tart Cherries Are Back

June 28, 2016

After an annual hiatus, our tart cherries are back on the trees and better than ever at Red Jacket Orchards. These fresh, juicy, rich fruits are the heart and soul of our Tart Cherry Stomp nectars. Don't worry - even though tart cherry season is brief, we use these amazing little red gems to make our Tart Cherry Stomp THE WHOLE YEAR ROUND!

RJO_BOOTS_BNB These tart cherries contain melatonin, a substance that contributes to a naturally balanced sleep-wake cycle. Anthocyanin’s give tart cherries their rich deep hue, and are an anti-inflammatory powerhouse. Not to mention, they are damn delicious. To get your hands on some Tart Cherry Stomp made from JUST FRUIT and no crap, click here or visit one of our great retailers.     [embed]https://vimeo.com/155125797[/embed]

Farm Store Update

We are still open and operating at regular business. Summer farm store hours are Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm, closed Monday.

To promote social distancing and the safety of all, we're now offering Porchside Pickup! More information and menus can be found at redjacketorchards.com/pages/covid19.