We are on Spring Break!

We are on Spring Break!

May 19, 2015

May 18th – June 1st

Red Jacket is going on Spring Break!

You may have noticed we haven’t been around your local markets lately. Well that’s because we are on Spring Break!

This winter was certainly one for the books. Our NYC Green Market crew toughed out the long cold days, so we are giving them a much deserved break. The Red Jacket team will bask in the sun on the shores of Seneca Lake and enjoy the “fruits of their labor”… literally!

Spring season is ramping up quickly, and we want everyone to be ready and rested when we hit our peak harvest season! With the harvest season right around the corner we are getting ready to bring you the absolute best our farm has to offer.

To follow along with the harvest season, and to receive updates from the farm to find out when we return to your local market, follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram over break. In the meantime, shop our retail partners and online at http://redjacketorchards.com/shop/

We’ll see you again Tuesday, June 2nd!