An Update on Shopping

We have made some changes to guarantee consistent supply via home delivery. We are grateful for your interest and demand in receiving our fresh juices right at your doorstep. The pandemic has presented both opportunities and challenges for direct shipments. We have had to make certain adjustments accordingly to ensure consistent and reliable delivery is guaranteed.

To this end, we have aligned the most efficient carriers and pricing to each region. A handling fee will now be added to each order to maintain price levels. This fee helps offset additional steps in the preparation of products and the charges associated with major regional cost structures.

We work every day to provide you with the best value. Our priority has remained the same for the past 60 years; make the freshest mouth-watering juice around and make it accessible! Shipping costs and carrier constraints continue to grow. We will keep monitoring these challenges to ensure our program is reliable. We recognize you have many choices in beverages. Thank you for choosing Red Jacket Orchards.

—The Nicholsons

we've made changes to our shipping policy

Please click this link for an important update about our shipping policy.