Greenmarket Evolution – Passing the Baton

Greenmarket Evolution – Passing the Baton

May 22, 2017

From a warm summer night 25 years ago, when two brothers in college took a chance on a Monday market in Union Square, to today, much growth and prosperity has ensued for our family farm in NY’s Finger Lakes Region.  With the business growing ten-fold over this time, and products now available across the east coast, the time has come to continue our evolution.

There comes a time when you have to ask: what do we do best, and how do we better focus on it? The answer is, we love being in the orchard, on the farm and in the juicery, pursuing our craft. We believe, to continue satisfying our loyal consumers, and to continue growing, we must focus on cultivating and crafting the best fruit products from our farm.


So after much consideration and reflection, today we announce our exiting from New York’s famed Greenmarket system after 25 years of directly selling to New Yorkers. While we will greatly miss the daily interactions in the markets, we look forward to continue serving our dedicated customers with convenient access and availability of all our fresh products in the retail marketplace.

We know, that the bedrock of our success, traces straight back to you, our customers, and your dedicated, opinionated, vocal, “fine foodie” passion.  Thank you New York for your honesty (especially if we missed the mark) and your gracious support (especially on the coldest, wettest, and nastiest of days) – it has made us a better company.  We have strived for 25 years to exceed your expectations and delight your senses.


So today, we celebrate the past 25 years as we look to the next 25 years! We celebrate our staff for all the many days they dedicated to serving and sharing. We celebrate GrowNYC, and the Greenmarket leadership, for creating and maintaining this amazing space for small farm families to innovate and thrive. And we celebrate the many other small family farms that will continue to partake in the GrowNYC Greenmarkets and hope you continue to support them.

Most importantly, we celebrate our dedicated and faithful customers.  Your commitment to local food has helped our third generation family farm continue to fulfill our goal of delivering pure, fresh, and delicious products to you everyday.  With the fourth generation around the corner… we remain as committed as always to your healthy enjoyment of hand crafted fresh food available throughout the east coast.


“It’s not an ending. It’s a point in the story where you turn the page!” ~unknown