Stomp Juices Sold in Publix Starting this Week

Stomp Juices Sold in Publix Starting this Week

June 05, 2017

We’ve got an exciting announcement for you southeastern dwellers, cold-pressed juice enthusiasts, and Publix shoppers alike! Starting this week, you can find our Stomp Line in participating Publix grocery stores. Our Stomp juices are 100% cold-pressed, unfiltered artisanal juices with no added sugar, no added water, and, simply, no added garbage. It’s as close to the whole fruit as you can get! The Stomp Line comes in 3 flavors: Apricot, Black & Blue, and Tart Cherry.


Our Apricot Stomp is packed with beta carotene, an antioxidant powerhouse that gives our estate grown apricots their rich orange color. It’s sweet flavor of apples and apricots is like nothing else you’ve ever tasted and is certain to please your tastebuds while keeping your immune system vibrant.




Our Black & Blue Stomp is a blend of black currant, blueberry, and apple juices. Anthocyanins give blackcurrants and blueberries their rich blue and purple hues and are an antioxidant power-house. Not only are blackcurrants high in antioxidants but they contain more than 3 times the Vitamin C found in oranges! So drink up and keep those nasty cold germs at bay.

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Our Tart Cherry Stop is high in melatonin, a substance [found in tart cherries] that contributes to a naturally balanced sleep-wake cycle. Similar to black currants and blueberries, anthocyanins give tart cherries their rich deep red hue, and are an anti-inflammatory power-house. Sensing a theme here? The delicate balance of sweet apples and tangy cherries is sure to make your bellies and immune systems happy.



Not finding our Stomp juice in your Publix? Talk to your produce manager or order online here.


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