The best of #RedJacketOrchards: November Edition

The best of #RedJacketOrchards: November Edition

November 29, 2016

We love going through all of the photos, posts, and tweets that are shared using #RedJacketOrchards each month. We try to share as many of them as we can on our own social profiles, but we wanted to highlight more, which is why we've compiled our top 5 favorite photos from November. Be sure to use #redjacketorchards or tag us (@redjacketny) for your chance to be featured in our November top social posts.

Y'all have no idea how excited this makes me!! #redjacketorchards #hotapplecider #imfromny #genevaNY #onehappymomma

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#amazingjuice #redjacketorchards @redjacketorchards #wellworththetrip A photo posted by Kristine (@khonan2) on